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Event & Experiential Marketing Trailers

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Have a mobile tour coming up? Need a vehicle for a one-off event? Heading to a trade show? Pull up to each activation in style with one of our experiential marketing trailers. Dazzle prospective customers and make your competitors green with envy by having Advantage Trailer custom craft the perfect experiential marketing solution to fit your needs. Not only will our expert designers and fabricators work with you to design and manufacture a trailer that meets all of your unique requirements, they will also help you figure out any logistical necessities.

Custom Event Trailer Design and Fabrication

Whatever you need for your event marketing trailer – whether it’s lighting, stage platforms, display cases, multi-media centers, custom graphics, or rooftop signage – we can make it for you. With a 10-year experiential marketing agency veteran on our staff, we can help you drum up the perfect solution that will leave an impression on potential customers.

Experiential Marketing Trailers for Your Mobile Tour

We believe in the power of experiential marketing. By allowing potential customers to experience your brand in a personal and authentic way, you can turn them into believers! At Advantage Trailer, we can craft experiential marketing trailers that will draw in potential customers and get them experiencing your products. Don’t be another boring company with a bland and unengaging display; wow your audience with an interactive trailer that will leave a lasting impression and create brand affinity.

For more information about what we can do for you, contact Advantage Trailer today. We have decades of experience crafting custom event marketing trailers, and will accept any unique challenges that are tossed in our direction. Give us a call or fill out our online form to receive your free quote!

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